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Akira Toriyama Bio


Akira Toriyama is the animator of Dragonball and Chrono Trigger.

Akira Toriyama is now one of the most famous manga artists in Japan as well as many parts of the world. He began his career as a cartoonist at the age of 23, and was first well known for the weekly series Dr. Slump (a picture of it is at the top), published in Shonen Jump, which became popular very quickly.

Dr. Slump is a cartoon about a scientist who makes a female android, Arale. Unfortunately, Arale was near-sighted and naive. The mad doctor lives with a bunch of different neighbors and their children, along with the occasional alien. Dr. Slump is a very cartoony series, with lots of simple humor in it.

After about eight years, Toriyama gave up on Dr. Slump. He soon created yet another hit series-- the Dragonball we know and love, which he also concluded just recently, after continuing it for over ten years. He also wrote many short stories while he doodled, and they have been collected into a few volumes. Alsp, Toriyama has also been hired to be the character designer of some recent video games, including the Dragon Warrior series, and, our favorite, Chrono Trigger. His most recent game is Tobal No.1, a fighter for Playstation.

Toriyamais is about 5' 8.5", and is a major family man. He has a son and a daughter who he loves very much. He also has cat, which he found out in the rain.

As a child, he would doodle very often. This became a good base for his career as an artist. Usually, when he's working, if none of his assistants are there, he will turn on the TV to keep him company. Some other stuuf to know is the fact that he hates cold weather. Oh yeah, he's terrified of rats.